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14 August 2006 @ 09:45 pm
Hello! I posted a while ago- which is only a few entries back. Things have changed a bit since I last wrote an entry in here. I actually just came back from Carnegie Mellon Precollege (which I was talking about in my last entry and how I would never be able to go because it was too far away and really expensive). I had gotten accepted and convinced my parents to let me go, lol. It was amazing and I'm so glad I went. My parents are also letting me major in musical theatre. At CMU, I realized that I really liked the conservatory type program. However, I'm still going to look at some liberal arts based MT programs because there are some great MT programs that are liberal arts based and my parents would prefer that I went the liberal arts route. So I have a list of schools that I'm looking into and will most likely apply to. I would really really love it if anybody had any info or insight on the colleges. Here's the list:

Syracuse University
University of the Arts
Boston Conservatory
Emerson College
University of Michigan
University of Hartford (Hart School of Music)
Montclaire University
Wagner University
Marymount Manhattan

Also, if anybody has any schools that have very strong MT programs that I didn't list, please let me know! Thanks a bunch :)
Brianalavieboheme2007 on August 15th, 2006 12:28 pm (UTC)
Hey! I live like 10 minutes from CMU and I'm applying there and Ithaca, too! :) I wanted to do the Precollege Program, but I didn't manage to save up half like my mom and I agreed on. :( But she's letting me major in musical theatre, too! As long as I minor in something else, like English.

I know I was looking at Bowling Green and Marietta (both in Ohio) when I was looking at musical theatre, so check them out. :)
Erica♥rica_bella on August 15th, 2006 03:58 pm (UTC)
Oh! that's really cool! I hate that CMU is so difficult to get into. Purnell (the drama building) is gorgeous, I love all the studios and facilities and the teachers I had that teach at CMU during the year were absolutely incredible.
kathyselden on November 10th, 2006 02:35 am (UTC)
I spent two years at Elon, and though I was a film major while there, their musical theatre program is pretty much on fire. It's conservatory style training in a liberal arts setting. I have a lot of friends who were Acting majors. If you have any questions on Elon in general (or even theatre specific; I can ask around), just IM me! ClassicFilmBroad.

Also, I would recommend Meredith College's Music Theatre program. It's small but strong and wonderful.