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My name is Kyle, and I'm a new member here! I'm so glad that this communtiy was made, and I have a question or two.

I had an interest in theatre for a while, but have only started taking it seriously (as a career) since the beginning of my junior year. I'm now a senior, and I am very driven to go into mt in college. I have high aspirations to eventually go to an amazing school for musical theatre. I'm thinking UofM, paticularly (if anyone has any info on UofM, I'd appreciate it!). But my main plan for now is to go to a smaller school with a good program. Two schools in my area with a good program are Western Michigan University and Oakland University. (by the way, if anyone has any input on those schools, I'd love to hear that, too!)

I was wondering if it sounds feasible to go into a smaller (or less prestigious) school for a year or two, and then trasfer to a better program? How would the credits work? Do you think I would have to be in the transfer college for an additional four years for my degree?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Gypsy Auditions (Louise specifically)

What is a good audition song for the role of Louise in Gypsy?
I'm going to be auditioning for the show in January and would very much appreciate some ideas.

Also, what would you say needs to be Louise's strongest area? My guess would be the acting since she is supposed to be "the untalented one" who becomes a striptease star due to her charisma -- I would think it would be acting, singing, dancing in that order.

...But who am I to judge?
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Hello! I posted a while ago- which is only a few entries back. Things have changed a bit since I last wrote an entry in here. I actually just came back from Carnegie Mellon Precollege (which I was talking about in my last entry and how I would never be able to go because it was too far away and really expensive). I had gotten accepted and convinced my parents to let me go, lol. It was amazing and I'm so glad I went. My parents are also letting me major in musical theatre. At CMU, I realized that I really liked the conservatory type program. However, I'm still going to look at some liberal arts based MT programs because there are some great MT programs that are liberal arts based and my parents would prefer that I went the liberal arts route. So I have a list of schools that I'm looking into and will most likely apply to. I would really really love it if anybody had any info or insight on the colleges. Here's the list:

Syracuse University
University of the Arts
Boston Conservatory
Emerson College
University of Michigan
University of Hartford (Hart School of Music)
Montclaire University
Wagner University
Marymount Manhattan

Also, if anybody has any schools that have very strong MT programs that I didn't list, please let me know! Thanks a bunch :)


hi. i am trying to find the music for "some people" from Gypsy, but every score i find is not only incomplete (as in, it only has the first verse and repeats it, cutting out the middle and the end of the stage version) and they are all in the wrong key, which is quite a bit higher and impossible for me to belt. i guess my question(s) are, does anyone know of a place where i can get the full song on sheet music, and does anyone know the actual key that, say, bernadette peters sings it in? it seems like she and merman sing it in the same key, but i don't know enough about musical keys on the piano to place it for sure.
any help would be more than appreciated!!!

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Hey there.

I'm Michele, currently a junior in high school.
I've been toying with the idea of majoring in MT, but I'm spooked by the statistics. So, I'd like to study it in college, but also have something to fall back on. Which brings me to my question:

What are some schools with non-conservatory, but still strong, MT programs? I'd prefer audition-based programs, especially ones in the Northeast, but anything you can tell me would be much appreciated.

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hey, My name's Erica and I'm currently a junior in high school.

I've been trying to persuade my parents to let me apply to Carnegie Mellon's summer theatre program which I've heard nothing but amazing things about. But they won't let me because a.) it's $5,000 and b.) it's 5 hours away for 6 weeks. But I really, really want to do the program because of all the great things I've heard about it and because it'll look great on college apps next year. Plus, it's the last year I can do the program.

The other part of my college situation is persuading my parents to let me major in musical theatre undergrad. My parents have always stuck to their guns about getting a good education prioritizing before all the performing that I do, even though it is about a million times more important to me. But the thing is that initially, I want to have a career as a singer/actress, but I want to get a graduate degree in music therapy so I have a plan B. Music Therapy is a really cool field and will give me really flexible hours so it's really ideal if I want to be performing and auditiong. Since I know that in most fields when you go for graduate school they assume you know nothing about the feild you are going there for, my plan is to audition for undergrad as a musical theatre major and go for my graduate degree in music therapy, so I can get the training and musical theatre degree but also end up with the plan B degree. But my parents think I won't be able to get into a good grad school for music therapy if I'm majoring in musical theatre somewhere else. The problem is also that there are very few schools that offer music therapy undergrad so if I wanted to possibly do a double major (with music therapy and musical theatre) I'd be sacrificing a good theatre program, because the best musical theatre colleges don't have music therapy majors. Right now the only school I could do that would be Montclair University, and while I haven't really looked at the school closely, chances are it's probably not the same thing as Carnegie Mellon or NYU. Besides that that's the only school with that option that I could apply to. So yeah, I have that problem to deal with. Any ideas?

Also, does anyone know of any good pre-college summer theatre programs in new york, ideally new york city?
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Alrighty kids, we seriously have to be promoting this community and using it as well! Anybody, if you have any questions, any experiences, any advice- whatever- POST IT! A lot of people thought this would be a good idea and it think it has the potential to be an amazing resource, but only if we make it one.

Regardless, I've had a bunch more auditions since I last posted and now that I'm on winter break I have a moment to tell about them. So here goes an enormously long post:

University of Hartford- The Hartt School- Being from CT and knowing the kind of kids who graduated from my school and went to U of Hartford, I went in to this audition seriously prejudiced. I was thinking "Oh well this is my absolutely last choice and I don't really want to go here," etc. So I was plesently shocked by the experience I had at this audition. Despite my lack of enthusiasm for the university and its facilities, I ended up liking Hartt a lot by the time I left. The faculty and current students were very nice and helpful. The day started off with the dance audition. For starters, we did some work at the barre. If you take a ballet class, you'd recognize it as pretty typical class-starting stuff, pleas and demis and cambres, etc. (sorry for my spelling!) Next we did some ballet-esq. floor work, mostly little ballet jumps, not even across the floor kind of stuff. Finally, we learned a jazz combination. It wasn't terribly difficult, and quite unlike my usual pathetic step memory abilities, I remembered most of it. It was to West Side Story. The dance teacher was really funny and it was pretty fun. It was, however, a full hour and we worked up quite a sweat, which was bad for when I changed in to my audition outfit and looked disgusting, tried to fix my face, and got makeup on my sweater. But what can ya do? I think I ended up looking alright. I was the second person to do my monologue/songs, so I was done almost right after the dance audition. It was a pretty casual situation. There were 2 guys watching the audition and you could do your pieces in any order you wanted.

University of Connecticut- This was a very weird experience for me because this was a drama audition instead of a musical theater audition- and what a difference! I felt like... such a poser. lol. I know that's very middle school, but that's the best way I can put it. First of all, I didn't get the proper requirements because I signed up for this audition at the last minute- which brings me to a piece of valuable advice: Don't wait till the last minute if you can help it!- So I didn't know you were supposed to bring clothes for the hour-long warmup (I had to do it in my skirt!) and I did not have a Shakespere monologue prepared because the classical monologue I use is a Chekhov, so I felt very unnerved when I found that out. But they were totally cool about it and just had me do my 2 minute contemporary monologue. This audition was also weird because there were about 5-7 teachers watching your audition. And there were 5 of us in total- all girls- auditioning that morning. Usually there are about 20-30 people at the musical theater auditions. Singing is optional at UCONN because it's just a drama program (you can do 16 bars with recorded accompaniment), but I'm glad I sang because it went well and they were amused and all that, plus after hearing my song they asked me to try some things with my monologue, which were really tough and I'm still not sure how I did. lol. It was just a weird experience in general.

Carnegie Mellon- I was actually quite nervous at this audition because it was a huge, big, long-shot audition! I was so sad that I loved absolutlely everything about the school and the program because the odds are very much in favor of getting rejected, but, hey, you can't get lucky if you don't try, ya' know? So the faculty and current students were soooo nice and it was a million times more low-key than I expected and completely unintimidating. You do all three componants at separate times there. I was put in this order: monologues, songs, dance. I kinda blew the singing portion, but not really. I sounded good once I got going, but I couldn't get the starting together on the first try with either song because I was so nervous. Plus I was in this teeny tiny office with a lady, a piano, and an acompanimist practicly in my lap, so I had a much smaller space to work with than I'm used to. But the lady was really nice and complimented my outfit and my headshot and said "cute!" after my belt song, but I still felt a little defeated after my rocky starts. I mean I usually start and find pitch extremely well. Damn nerves. And dance... it was easy enough, but I was kinda dead by that point from all of the waiting around and the singing not going as well as I'd have liked it. First we did a short ballet combination, which I did really well on, then we did a jazz combination which, despite learning just fine, my whole little group fumbled it when it really counted. More accurately, we completely fell apart. But I felt less dumb screwing up when everyone else did too. We were joking about it afterward. They were cool kids. The dance guy was a little rude to me. I look a lot different with my hair in a ponytail vs. my headshot where it's down, I guess because you can see my face better and I look so brunette with a pony, and he's looking at me funny and goes "Is that the right one?" like we're livestock or something, but I wasn't offended till I really thought about it. Oh well.

NYU- This was my personal best audition, but I don't think it had anything to do with the school itself. Two of the auditioners were really nice, but one lady- I swear- was like on crack or something and was really, really scary. They gave each of us to one auditioner, so I was praying I wouldn't be with her. I was with the guy, who was pretty nice, so I was relieved. They had a long information session beforehand, which was nice, especially in terms of hearing the studios explained a little better. I like that they let you pick alternate studios incase you're really good but they don't want you in CAP-21 (their mt program, if you aren't familiar with how Tisch works). They had you do your monologues first and then sing. They make you provide taped accompaniment, which I don't love, but it worked out alright, then they actually talk to you and try to get a sense of you as an individual, unlike most of these schools. Of course, typical actress, I think I did a much better job playing someone else than myself, but what can you do? ;D

CCM- I did a regional audition in New York instead of going all the way out to Cincinnati. The day started with dance. Now I'd heard that the dance audition for Cincinatti was brutal, but this was totally not the case. It was pretty typical, jazz style combo, no ballet stuff. And I am proud to report I reached a new personal best in both energy/flair and step memory. One thing that was really neat was they had a recent graduate who is in the Ensemble of Wicked come and assit the dance teacher in teaching the combination instead of a current student, and I got to talk to her briefly about being an actress, which was cool. One thing I loved about them was they sat you down after the dance audition and were very straightforward and honest- they said it's an incredibly difficult program to get in to. They said if you go to pretty much any show on broadway right now there is a CCM graduate involved in some capacity- and then started naming all these actors alone to back it up. I appreciated their frankness. They brought a camera with them and,when it was your turn to go in and audition, you slated to the camera, they recorded a short portion of your audition just to jog their memory when they go to evaluate you, then it was off, but I didn't notice when it went off for me personally. They also made you bring a tape or cd, but that was because it was a regional audition. One word of warning- they definately time you. I heard the beep of the timer being started after I slated, so that caused me to rush to make srue I got off in a minute because they did cut me off at my Ithaca audition, but I didn't get cut off, so I must have been fine.

So that's almost all my experiences with auditions. I was supposed to have Boston Conservatory tomorow, but I got this beyond horrible cold and can't speak, much less sing, so I had to reschedule for next Saturday. I'm fortunate they let you reschedule, I know. Some schools don't let your at all or make you pay, but it was not a big deal with them. Then a week after that I have my U of Michigan audition, so I'll keep y'all posted. If I left out anything or you have a specific question about any of the above, feel free to ask. And PLEASE- promote and post lots!

Peace :D
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Hi, I found this community while looking for an awesome theatre community to join. This one struck me!

I'm going through the same process as all of you. I'm going to audition for the BFA program at Cincinnati in January, anyone else going to be there? I want one monologue to showcase a strong character. I love to become someone else I have no connection with. Any ideas? (Female).

Suggestions would be really awesome!
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Ok, so here's the deal guys: we have to promote this community!!! Tell all your friends, post it in your theater communities, etc. and watch the numbers (hopefully!) grow!!!

And now that I have a minute, I present my own personal experiences with college auditions thus far.

So I've done 3 auditions to date: Syracuse, Ithaca, and Emerson.

Syracuse: I underestimated the level of competition at Syracuse a lot and it was also my very first audition, so it was very intimidating for me. That being said, the students who go there now were so nice and the faculty did a good job of making you feel fairly at ease. The dance audition was hard. The steps weren't that hard, but it went really, really fast. And I'm a pretty weak dancer so, of course, when they broke us in to pairs after we learned the combo as a group, I was in the first pair and I was paired with a girl who had been dancing like her whole life, but whatever. For anyone who's considering musical theater in college who still has a year or more till audition time, I would highly suggest you take some dance classes, because I started dancing again this year and it was comforting for me just to know what the dance words ment and to have had practice doing many of the steps. After the dance we did a group vocal warmup and then were called, one at a time, in to a room to do our songs and monologue.

Ithaca: Ithaca had no dance audition (yay!) so that automaticly put me a little more at ease. However, they still lead everyone in a vocal/physical warm-up before auditions, which I thought was really good. Their faculty was really nice and I felt like they put you even more at ease than Syracuse did, and I had been impressed with how good Syracuse had been at that. After the warm-up everyone waited in the auditorium while current students had a question/answer session and they called people out to do their songs in one room and their monologues in another. There were a lot of kids I had met at the Syracuse audition the day before who were also at Ithaca and one of my best friends was there too, and it made me feel better knowing people. Bad thing was they told us if our monologues went a teeny bit over a minute they would not cut you off, and they cut both me and my friend off when ours ran a little over. So anyone going to Ithaca, they are strict about their time limits!

Emerson: Emerson was probably the best audition experience I had, mostly because, as good as the other two schools were at making you feel comfortable, Emerson had virtually no level of intimidation. The dance audition was super easy, and it was to Hairspray, so it was fun. Then you waited to be called to sing and then again to do your monologue. They asked you to prepare two songs but you might just sing one and they asked me to sing my second. The general concensis was that one room was not really asking to hear the second song and one was, so I don't know if that was just the experience of the kids I talked to or everyone, but that's what we thought. The thing I really like about Emerson was they actually tried to get to know you as a person durring the audition process. Like the acting teacher asked me to do my monologue again, but to this time do this and that (and in the end he said I did everything he asked, which was good for me) and then he had you sit down and talk about yourself and things like that. The other schools asked you if you had any questions, but that was about it. Not that it makes them better or anything, I just liked that.

So that was my experience so far. I have 6 or 7 auditions to go still and I'll share the rest of my experiences as they happen. I have Hartt and Carnegie Mellon at the end of the month and NYU, Cincinnatti, and the Boston Conservatory in early February.
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