December 31st, 2006

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My name is Kyle, and I'm a new member here! I'm so glad that this communtiy was made, and I have a question or two.

I had an interest in theatre for a while, but have only started taking it seriously (as a career) since the beginning of my junior year. I'm now a senior, and I am very driven to go into mt in college. I have high aspirations to eventually go to an amazing school for musical theatre. I'm thinking UofM, paticularly (if anyone has any info on UofM, I'd appreciate it!). But my main plan for now is to go to a smaller school with a good program. Two schools in my area with a good program are Western Michigan University and Oakland University. (by the way, if anyone has any input on those schools, I'd love to hear that, too!)

I was wondering if it sounds feasible to go into a smaller (or less prestigious) school for a year or two, and then trasfer to a better program? How would the credits work? Do you think I would have to be in the transfer college for an additional four years for my degree?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!