College Musical Theater and Acting Advice and Information

"All the world's a stage"- As You Like It

College Musical Theater and Acting Advice and Info
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This is a community for current and prospective college musical theater or acting students to share their wisdom and experiences, offer advice, ask questions, share information about college theater programs and productions, etc.

A Few Rules:

1. Don't over react and if someone says something about your school that you don't agree with, feel free to correct them POLITELY. They probably did not mean to offend. Furthermore, all those creating drama will be cut!!! (yes, bad puns intended ;D)

2. Promotions of college shows are allowed (as long as they are behind a cut or don't contain a large banner) because seeing shows that schools put on is a good way to get a feel for the work that they produce, but please no promotions of high school or community theater plays. No community promotions unless they are EXTREMELY relevant.

That's all for now. More rules as they are needed. For now, happy posting!

Your Mod,